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Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute's mission is to make a positive vision of the future practical. The Institute discovers and promotes ideas in the common sense tradition of representative government, the free market and individual liberty.


Free Grace Alliance

The mission of the Free Grace Alliance is to connect, encourage, equip and lead the body of Christ to advance the grace message throughout the world.


Grace Life Ministries

Because we live in a world that does not know or understand God's grace and therefore has a desperate need of this grace, and because we believe that the "God of all grace" and Jesus Christ "full of grace and truth" desire all people everywhere to enjoy the salvation and freedom that grace provides, we are obedient to God's command to share His grace message with the world.



Grace Line desires to make disciples of Jesus Christ through the teaching of the good news of the Grace of God.


Icons of Evolution

"Icons of Evolution" (Regnery, 2000), by molecular biologist Dr. Jonathan Wells highlights how mythology, falsehoods and hoaxes within today's scientific circles pass for evidence of Darwinian evolution.


Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch, Inc., a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.


Reasons to Believe

The mission of Reasons To Believe is to show that science and faith are, and always will be, allies, not enemies. Our goal is to bring that life-changing truth to everybody who needs to know, both believers and nonbelievers.


Dr. Constable's Expository Bible Notes

These Bible Study Notes, written by Dr. Thomas L. Constable (click here to read Dr. Constable's Introduction to the Notes) since 1985, provide commentary on all 66 books of the Bible, and contain 8,213 pages of material in the online format. Dr. Constable's Notes, also known as expository notes to Dr. Constable's seminary students, are intended to help you to better understand the Bible. 

Dr. Michael Heiser

Dr. Heiser received an MA in ancient history from the University of Pennsylvania as well as an MA and PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His published work extends beyond his titles with Lexham Press and Logos Mobile Education, as he wrote extensively for scholarly journals and contributed to works like IVP’s Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets. He also received scholarly awards from the Society of Biblical Literature and his alma maters. 

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