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Reviewing Justification According to Schreiner

Dr. Schreiner's view of justification is an upfront example of Lordship Theology.  Though sincerely concerned about an obedient Christian walk, he demonstrates Reformed Theology requires performance and works in order to be "born again."


Book Review of Grace Walk

Steve McVey believes that "right and wrong" are not important to God.  Though a godly man who clearly loves Jesus, this theology is flawed and carries consequences - NOT a loss of eternal life but a loss of eternal significance.


Arizona Republic Article 2009 - Union Chief Sees Job as Watchdog

Michael Ferraresi report in the Arizona Republic on Jul. 25, 2009

Book Review of What is the Gospel

Mr. Gilbert’s theology is energetic and insidious.  His belief system does not allow him to rely upon the Gospel of John to find the principles of justification salvation.  Becoming a Christian has a great cost for men and women – it’s not a free gift.

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